Colin is a Sydney based keyboardist and music producer.

His story goes way back to when he first sat at the piano at age 4 when it was observed by his parents that he could play along, by ear, to just about any song that would be played on the radio.

Fast forward through the years of cover and original band work Colin also developed a love of musical theatre and in doing so, forged ahead in pursuing work in that world, eventually landing the much sought after primary keyboard role in the most loved musical Miss Saigon which originally opened in Sydney in 1995. Since then Colin has worked on a vast majority of world class musicals throughout Australia with the most recent being Jersey Boys in 2019.

Being a passionate keyboard player and synthesiser programmer, rock / pop pianist Colin has also ended up playing and programming for many of Australia’s most well known and respected contemporary artists. He ended up spending 10 years playing and recording with the iconic rock legend Richard Clapton and since then has played keyboards for many of Australia’s most well known pop artists.

With his deep seeded experiences playing in and with contemporary orchestras, Colin also developed a great passion for orchestration and original composition for media, which lately has definitely taken a front seat in his endeavours.

In addition to his artistic offerings, Colin is also at the forefront of computer based live keyboard rigs, being one of Australia’s most up to the minute Mainstage and Gig Performer gurus, having been with, in particular, Apple’s Mainstage since it’s inception, circa 2009.